Global Quality Corp.


Global Quality Corp. has state-of-the-art, in-house computer capabilities including: entity-relationship modeling, business process modeling and digital image libraries, word processing, editing, graphics, computer-aided design and reproduction. Among these capabilities are scientific programming, database management applications, desktop publishing, computer generated 35mm slides, video, color photo viewgraphs, digitizing and optical character reading.

Data Analysis, GIS and Word Processing Software: GQC uses database management system programs, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Visual FoxPro, and Microsoft Access, and Visual Basic to create and manipulate databases. GQC maintains the following GIS software: MapObjects, ArcView, and ER Mapper. GQC uses a variety of spreadsheet and analysis software packages to ensure compatibility with systems used by the government.

Communications: GQC’s computer facilities are interconnected through office-based, local area networks (LANs), company-wide electronic mail, and an Intranet. These electronic communication links allow the internal and external exchange of documents, data, and drawings efficiently and effectively. In addition, GQC has the capability to initiate conference calls among three parties on its existing office communications systems.

Computer Equipment: GQC has several Pentium PCs for file, database and Internet servers. Laser and color printers provide high quality output. GQC provides Internet consulting services and can design Web pages using Front Page and Dreamweaver.

Facilities for Multi-Media Educational and Demonstration Material Development GQC provides superior desktop publishing capabilities using Adobe PhotoShop and Microsoft Publisher. These desktop publishing software packages enable GQC to produce high quality typeset and to design electronically.