Global Quality Corp.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Storing maps and other spatial information into computer databases, and creating models for decision-making based on that information.

Set up the GIS laboratory for USEPA, Cincinnati, and set up their GIS-based water quality modeling infrastructure. Completed key work on a GIS project sponsored by the USEPA and the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO). As a part of this project, several Arc/Info databases on a UNIX workstation were developed and AML programs for spill modeling in the Ohio River Basin were written to significantly aid in the decision-making.

Generated web-based interactive GIS maps using ESRI's MapObjects Internet Map Server for the Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO).

Used Tri-Service Spatial Data Standards as a tool in modeling of EPANET parameters for a GIS project at the Scott Air Force Base.

Installed and upgraded GIS related software (ARC/INFO, ArcView, and ERDAS IMAGINE) and resolved licensing and other issues in the EPA NRMRL GIS laboratory.

Extracted the Ohio River Basin related GIS database coverage from the Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) server and installed these coverage's at the EPA GIS lab.

Implemented a project involving source water protection area definition using Arc/Info for the intakes in Cairo, Illinois.

Programmed a GUI using Arc Macro Language to seamlessly integrate spill modeling system into Arc/Info GIS.