Global Quality Corp.

IT Consulting

GQC has the experience to meet your Information Technology needs. Our tack record speaks for itself. Here are some of the projects that have been successfully completed in the past:

Successfully designed and implemented a Microsoft Access based front-end to a Unix-based Oracle server through ODBC using TCP/IP in a 10Base-T LAN for accessing water quality and other infrastructure data at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Developed web applications using ASP, IIS, and other components.

Created the architecture for a web-based B2B system using XML standard, and designed it for EDI compatibility.

Utilized experience in Business Process Reengineering and the migration of legacy systems using IDEF methodologies to design, implement, and maintain enterprise-wide data warehouses for LAN access and remote access.

Implemented cost-effective application of digital networking technology to create LAN's, remote access, and Internet-based solutions.

Assisted clients in managing their Data Warehouse Projects from the initial phases of determining business requirements through data modeling and design, tool selection, cleansing, extracting, and loading the data warehouse.

Assisted in the design and implementation of a large data warehouse for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers using Oracle technology.

Implemented a data warehouse for a private client using Microsoft technology and managed all aspects of its population.