Global Quality Corp.

Software Development

Enterprise Application Integration: Creating integrated enterprise-wide computer information system using off-the-shelf accounting software.

We have Integrated TanData shipping software with the Great Plains Dynamics software, and incorporated the history into the data warehouse based on Microsoft® SQL Server database engine. Also, we have provided management consulting services in conjunction with our programming services.  

Enterprise Software: Developing decision support systems and analytical tools to manage, analyze, and present information to facilitate decision processes.

The high volume sales order processing system and related sales analysis reports we developed is designed to interface with the enterprise accounting, shipping and manifest systems.

Our staff has significant expertise in the development of multi-tier information systems for decision support as well as for on-line transaction processing.

We have designed and developed a desktop Environmental Compliance Management System to track assessments, findings, and corrective actions for a particular site.


Our Microsoft Certified Professionals are well-trained to design and build just the right solutions that can integrate well into your environment. The final products will provide you with state-of-the-art collaboration and visualization capabilities. Our SharePoint solutions includes automating extensive processes eliminating wasteful redundancies and paperwork.


Creating an enterprise app for a mobile platform requires a lot more talent and experience compared to the creation of a simple consumer app. We leverage the toolset in each platform to the full extent to develop robust enterprise grade solutions. Our most recent app going to be published soon and you can find more information below.


We create and run computer models of water and sewer systems, and provide contaminant warning systems for water distribution networks. We couple that GIS tools and create comprehensive systems for decision-making. In addition to the analysis necesssary for GIS tools, we are adapting this data to make it user friendly in both web and mobile applications.